Axial's Growth 100 : Sameer Trehan

Sameer Trehan

CEO, Jump Around Now

Taking a Big Jump

Two and half years ago, Sameer Trehan took his son to a birthday party at a trampoline park. He had never heard of the concept and when he walked into the big warehouse building in Southern California, he was blown away.

“That’s when it really tickled my interest,” Sameer, founder and CEO of Jump Around Now says. “I started researching the concept pretty deeply.”

At the time, only 34 such parks existed in the U.S. across 28 cities. Sameer flew to all of them. “What I saw was a lot of consistency — they were all very busy,” he says. “Kids were having the greatest time. But at the same time, parents were very uncomfortable.” Sameer remembers them sitting on steel benches or waiting in the car for their kids to finish their fun inside.

Sameer set out to design a park that would trump all of the rest. “I wanted to do something unique.”

Jumping Into It

Today, Jump Around Now is a 32,000 square foot indoor park that includes not just trampolines but a foam pit, monkey bars, dodgeball and basketball courts, and various climbing elements. In addition to this, Sameer added a comfortable adult lounge, outfitted with large screen TVs, for parents to relax while their children play.

“I wanted an upscale environment,” Sameer says. He also wanted to diversify his customer base. While Jump Around Now is host to many kids, they also host plenty of corporate events, team buildings, and trainings utilizing some of their more advanced equipment.

“From the day, we opened the place has sustained itself on its own,” says Sameer. 

Sameer’s park is bigger than his competitors — his capacity is 700 compared to 200 or 300 at competitive parks — and he says they are doing 2.5 times the business in dollars.

His park resides in a less affluent area, something he did on purpose for two distinct reasons. In order to have the square footage he wanted, he had to go a little far afield. Additionally, he wanted his first facility “in his backyard” so he could be there every day as it took off.

Sameer never intended to just stop with one facility in San Diego. The first of what he hopes to be many Jump Around Now parks was simply a proof of concept.

Fit for Franchise

Since he started, the number of similar parks in the U.S. has gone up to 220. However, that’s not necessarily Sameer’s target market. “My real interest in taking the concept overseas,” he says.

“When we think of family entertainment, America is the leader by far,” Sameer says. “Family entertainment is a very new concept in emerging “rich” markets like Asia. These markets have so much disposable income and yet the family entertainment options are minimal at best.”

Particularly in Asian markets where populations are increasing and families are migrating from areas like the U.S., he thinks his concept could really take off. He points to Dubai as another potential option. “The weather is so hot, an indoor park would be wonderful.”