Axial's Growth 100 : Robert Betz

Robert Betz

CEO, Sky Technology Partners

Sky’s the Limit

Technology is constantly evolving. If you are the CEO of a tech company, you must simultaneously anticipate new trends and adapt to them in real time. No one understands this concept better than Robert Betz, CEO of Sky Technology Partners.

Sky Technology consults with and ultimately matches their clients to IT carriers and vendors that best suit their individual business needs. The model Robert and his team employ sounds almost too good to be true. Yet, there’s no fine print involved when it comes to the company’s promise that their services are completely free — for their clients, that is.

“We work on behalf of our customers at no charge,” Robert says. Sky Technology alleviates these costs by shifting any and all expenses back to the carriers and vendors. Salespeople earn commissions from the vendors by introducing them to and making negotiations and deals with new clients.

Getting Legit

Robert says that legitimizing his business model to a somewhat skeptical market was one of the biggest obstacles he has had to face. “The hurdle was for us the suspicion from some clients wondering why we would be providing this service for free,” he says. “We helped them understand that it’s not free, the money just isn’t coming out of their budget—it’s coming from our carriers and IT vendors.”

Robert’s model turned the market, which was formerly accustomed to paying for such services, on its head. Today, Robert reminds his clients that he shouldn’t be looked at as a middleman or an added layer to worry about. Rather, his intentions are that Sky acts as a cost-free option whose level of involvement can be as much or as little as the client desires.

“We find the areas our customers need to improve upon—whether it be a need to save more money, a need to balance, or create a disaster recovery plan—and find a way to help them do this,” Robert says. Sky Technology Partners can be completely responsible for their client’s negotiations, telecommunications services, and interactions with the third parties. Conversely, if preferred, the client can work directly with them, leaving Sky Technology Partners to operate as a support system or troubleshooter when necessary.

All About the Customer

Sky Technology Partners’ laser-focus on customer service has already helped shape the company in unexpected ways during its young but fruitful five-year lifetime. It is in this aspect where their “no project too small” mission statement rings true.

Sky Technology Partners is constantly challenging itself by leaping into unknown territories in an effort to broaden the services they can provide. Betz suggests that the addition of mobile services, as well as incorporating cloud-based technologies into their repertoire are great examples of the company’s dedication to growth.

Robert says he determines that shifts they will make based on client requests. He says that on one occasion, a client asked if they could provide the physical equipment and hardware for them, and though Sky Technology Partners has never dealt with equipment, he did not shy away from tackling the challenge.

Sky Technology Partners also prides itself on vendor agnosticism. Robert says the ability to provide an unbiased consultation is one competitive advantage he can name that has helped them win more business.

Currently, the company has 10 employees, and is hiring for five new roles. In another five years, Robert plans to add another 10 to 15 to his team, and hopes to triple Sky Technology Partners’ revenue.