Axial's Growth 100 : Raj Singh

Raj Singh

CEO, GoMoment

Intelligent Travel

Most travelers’ goal is to find the most convenient and friendly accommodations offered in your destination. Enter Ivy, a 24-hour personal concierge at your fingertips. Ivy was created by the intelligent minds at Go Moment, with a little help from IBM’s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) program Watson.

Hailing from a design and development background, Raj Singh, founder and CEO of Go Moment, says that the “golden rule” for him and his team when designing Ivy was to make sure it’s a service that they, personally, would use and rely on when traveling. 

Meet Ivy

First, a guest receives a message from Ivy 30 minutes after check-in, asking them to rate their room and experience on a one through five scale. Users then give a reason for the rating. If a guest is pleased and gives a high rating, Ivy might suggest a dinner reservation at the hotel restaurant or events offered in the area. If a guest gives a low rating, Ivy will assess the complaint and respond appropriately. If Ivy is not able to answer a question or an issue needs physical assistance, then Ivy will alert the appropriate party. If necessary, Ivy can alert a General Manager if a concern needs special attention or is not addressed in an appropriate amount of time.

Raj, who has always been fascinated with A.I., realized that automation was the key to properly introducing this channel of communication to hotels and their patrons. He says that without automation, it would be an unreliable and unrealistic service for most hotels because of the extra manpower it would require.

“If you open up that channel and start to get 300 text messages everyday, then that’s a full-time job that some hotels can’t afford to hire for,” says Raj. “However, if you open up the channel and Ivy does all the work for you, then you’re pleasing your customers, you’re giving them better service and you only have to answer 10 messages a day.”

Artificial Intelligence, Actual Growth

Singh says that after closing Go Moment’s last round of financing this past year — the 4th quarter being their largest quarter ever — they are able to look at a Series B round this coming year. 

Currently, Ivy can be found in 31 states across the U.S. and over 100 hotels. Raj adds that they’ve recently expanded in areas of the U.K. and Mexico, and are also beginning to support multiple language functions.

Creating an innovative company that offers ultimate convenience was not the only motivation for Raj to craft Ivy. “My passion is for creating unforgettable experiences and ultimately I’m a big believer, and it’s part of our ethos here at Go Moment, that doing is better than having. Experiences create a more long-term value for our customers.”