Axial's Growth 100 : Perry Brooks

Perry Brooks

CEO, Advantage Signs

Taking Advantage

Perry Brooks is the owner and CEO of Canadian-based company, Advantage Signs. The company offers services using the most up-to-date digital technology. Advantage specializes a multitude of services including outdoor, indoor, illuminated, billboards, banners, and safety for an array of industries ranging from industrial to business to retail.

Having roots with the company since its start in 1998, Perry’s goal is to implement the newest innovations, all while maintaining an exceptional company culture. “Personally, I enjoy the fact that we have a great culture here. I think that one of the main things that people see when they come into our shop: they talk about how everyone is so happy,” he says. “Everyone helps each other out.”

While proud of the developments he has made since he’s been CEO, Perry says sustaining a drama-free and inclusive atmosphere can be challenging and needs constant attention. He suggests that one important skill of a CEO is the ability to shift focus depending on what needs his attention most.

As a leader, “I’m very collaborative,” says Perry. “I’m a big believer of teamwork. As a CEO, I provide leadership from the top, but I always get everybody involved,” he says. “I never make statements and then send it down the chain. I always make sure everyone gets involved so that everyone can own it [the company’s success] as a team.”

Inspiring Growth

Perry prides himself on Advantage’s ability to grow, even during the industry’s downturn. Over the past year Advantage Signs grew 29%. Advantage doesn’t show much sign of slowing down, either, as Perry continues to explore new markets. Even though Advantage’s recent implementation of illuminated signs may have come with its own set of challenges, they are seeing the benefit of having added the new product to their repertoire.

Perry is always looking for outside inspiration as he tries to uncover the next phase of growth for Advantage Signs. He belongs to Tech Canada and attends conferences where he learns from his fellow peers and industry leaders.