Axial's Growth 100 : LC Nussbeck

LC Nussbeck

Founder and CEO, MadSky Managed Repair Program

Raising the Roof

“Adoption of software in the roofing industry has been slower than in most,” says LC Nussbeck, CEO of MadSky Managed Repair Program.

LC has been in the roofing industry for 23 years. “I’ve been fortunate to be a part of building some of the largest roofing companies in America. Throughout my career, I’ve done a little over 100,000 roofs which equates to just north of a billion dollars worth of revenue.”

About six years ago, LC realized that something in the roofing industry had to change. “For the last 100 years, insurance claims and contractors have basically been doing things in the same way — a sometimes ineffective way — and the industry is thirsty for a substantial change.”

MadSky Managed Repair Program’s goal is to improve experiences for contractors, insurance carriers, and homeowners by managing the roofing process from start to finish. The company has built out a contractor network — “we make sure that the contractors that provide services through us are the best in the business,” says LC.

When a homeowner files a claim following a storm, the insurance company sends it directly to MadSky, who sends a contractor out the same or next day. The contractor uses MadSky’s proprietary software to document damages, and MadSky’s Denver-based team looks at the documentation to arrive on an agreed-upon price for the claim with the insurance company. MadSky covers all technology expenses for the carrier and contractor.

Consolidating Construction

MadSky also provides all the roofing materials for the project. For roofers, “the biggest challenge with catastrophic events like hail, wind, hurricanes, and tornadoes is the demand it puts on almost every category in our ecosystem,” says LC. Demand inevitably outpaces supply when every roof in town needs to be fixed, not to mention the fact that contractors often don’t have a big enough line of credit to purchase necessary materials. “We take the burden of credit capacity off of the contractor’s shoulder and allow them to purchase the material from whatever approved supplier is in our network, with a guaranteed next-day delivery.”

LC says, “We’re finally at a crossroads where technology and knowledge of how to navigate software are converging — giving MadSky the ability to maximize our performance by delivering technology to everyone we work with.” While there are competitors in their space, “no one has attempted to provide all the technology free of charge to clients. No one offers free inspections like we do. There’s lots of waste in the property restoration industry; our goal is to remove as much of that waste as possible.”

MadSky Managed Repair was started just last year. “Our goal in 2015 was to prove the concept, and now our goal for 2016 is to prove the scalable model so we can expand significantly in 2017 and beyond.” The team is focused on daily process improvement, change management, and fine-tuning procedures to the point where everything is extremely duplicable.

For LC, the success of his company starts and ends with his team members’ dedication and sacrifice. “We have built a culture where work until we get the job done, so that at the end of the day, our customers receive the experience that we promised they would receive.”