Axial's Growth 100 : Catherine Chaulet

Catherine Chaulet

CEO, Global DMC Partners

A Travel Guide

Catherine Chaulet, President of Global DMC Partners, describes the two-year-old company as one-of-a-kind. Helping corporate clients host meetings or other activities in remote destinations, Global DMC claims to be the only truly global network of independently owned Destination Management Companies (DMCs).

A DMC is a group of professionals possessing local knowledge, expertise, and resources, specializing in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation, and program logistics. Together with a team of sales support managers, Catherine’s company helps iron out the logistics and ensure the delight of international experiences for a bevy of clients.

Her former experience as a DMC manager with Fidelity Investments gave Catherine not only great knowledge of the industry and a base of solid relationships with potential partners. “There was truly a need for an organization that not only had the best DMCs worldwide, but also has an internal team that acts as the ambassador, to some extent, for both the clients and the DMCs,” Catherine explains.

Feedback Loop

In addition to maintaining a standard of convenience and quality, Catherine says the ability to provide, gather, and respond to client feedback is what has given Global DMC an edge. In order to do this, Global DMC has established advisory boards for both the DMCs and their clients. The members of these boards are nominated by their peers, and operate to secure fair and proper feedback and address concerns from all sides of the business.

The Global DMC Partners team comprises 14 employees and 65 DMCs worldwide. Catherine says the company has achieved impressive 2015 growth of 300% and attributes this to the strength of her team. She says the respect and dedication she witnesses amongst and between her teammates has been her biggest accomplishment as president.

Growing Pains

While Catherine is looking forward to continuing the growth trend in 2016, she recognizes it won’t come without challenges.

One of the most troubling decisions Catherine has had to make is parting with partners who fall short of Global DMC’s desired quality level. “For us, quality is extremely important. So when quality is not happening, we need to separate with some companies,” she says. 

When a quality issue arises, Catherine explains, there is either an agreement around making amendments to the standard of quality or otherwise they have to move on. Particularly when these relationships enable clients to travel to and discover new cultures, cutting ties is not always easy for her or her customers.

The mission and culture of Global DMC Partners is one in the same. Catherine promotes forward-thinking and an all-inclusiveness mentality amongst her team, telling them to take risks, be open to different ideas, and try new processes. This is all rooted in her belief that they will need to be flexible to evolve as client needs do when they are traveling the world and exploring different cultures.

“When there is a lot of fear in traveling and certain destinations, we take our role as Global DMC partners very, very seriously,” Catherine says. “We are here, bottom line, to introduce people to different cultures and today that’s particularly important.”