Axial's Growth 100 : Ashwin Ramasamy

Ashwin Ramasamy

CEO, ContractIQ

It’s a Match!

Ashwin Ramasamy and the team at ContractIQ are helping customers all over the world find the right app developers through their online marketplace.

“The single most important factor in sourcing a software developer is whether that vendor has encountered a similar problem before,” says Ashwin. When ContractIQ first got started, it was all about asking the customer what they needed solved. Now, Ashwin explains, they’ve started to flip the question to the vendor, helping them build out a profile that enables them to find their next prospect based on their specific expertise.

Since launching in 2012, ContractIQ has built a vendor base of 4,000 companies and continues to add 10 to 15 to its network every day. Even so, Ashwin says there’s a lot of wood left to chop.

Marketing Challenges

Ashwin says the marketplace model can make marketing an interesting challenge. “Since we are a marketplace, we don’t sell anything,” he says. “We are constrained from the fact that we can’t pick up the phone, call a customer, and say we can immediately help you.”

Instead, Ashwin has focused on building up a powerful content marketing engine focused on publishing unique content and data on the industry which he says is not available anywhere else. He says the model is fairly unheard of in his particular space. Since their services are available globally, it’s also been about localized search engine marketing.

“If you are looking for a mobile app developer in Los Angeles we’re probably on the first page,” Ashwin says. (We checked, and he’s right!)