Axial's Growth 100 : Anselm Doering

Anselm Doering

CEO, EcoLogic Solutions

Clean Without Compromise

Anselm Doering founded EcoLogic Solutions in 2005 with a decade’s worth of environmental entrepreneurship under his belt and a lifelong passion for the environment.

In the 90’s, Anselm owned a green retail general store called Earth General. Growing up, he and his family frequently camped and visited national and state parks. During their trips, they would pick up recyclables they saw littered on the ground.

At EcoLogic Solutions, he prefers to be called the “chief tree hugging officer” rather than the CEO.

Anselm had his “a-ha moment” after he walked into the bathroom of a rest stop that displayed a sign declaring its pride for using Lysol. As a veteran of the green world, he knew of the toxic ingredients carried in Lysol disinfectants as well as the significant health risks associated with the chemicals in their products.

At that point, Anselm decided to start a company devoted to manufacturing, distributing, and selling only the most environmentally friendly cleaning products and technologies.

Getting the Green Light

Anselm was aware of an abundance of green cleaning products offered in the consumer space, and saw a great opportunity on the institutional side.

“I want to make change,” Anselm says. “I didn’t want to look back and say ‘I could have, I should have, I would have.’ I wanted to bring new ideas and push them into the status quo.”

Today, customers of EcoLogic Solutions include Whole Foods, the Statue of Liberty, and Amtrak.

“Not everybody thinks about the back of the house,” says Anselm. “Not every company is thinking about its cleaning products.”

Anselm vows for EcoLogic Solutions to be truly sustainable, more effective, and cost-effective compared to other, toxic options.

Six years ago, EcoLogic Solutions was operating out of a residential basement. Today, the company has resigned a five-year lease for a space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. There are nearly 100 businesses on a waiting list to get into the Navy Yard. More than 300 tenants occupy the industrial park, and EcoLogic Solutions is one of the select companies showcased in its welcome center.

EcoLogic Solutions is a certified B Corporation, which demonstrates its goal to solve social and environmental problems through business. Becoming a certified B Corporation is no easy feat, Anselm says. 

The award-winning company has gained recognition in the green world as well as the cleaning supplies industry.

A Model of Mindfulness

EcoLogic Solutions manufactures more than 100 environmentally preferable cleaning products and technologies for institutional industries such as food service, hospitality, education, and healthcare.

Using the company’s products helps customers become green in their operations, improve employee health, and save money.

“We’ve influenced business as usual,” says Anselm. EcoLogic Solutions provides institutions with an opportunity to “go greener faster.” He hopes his company will inspire others to be more socially and environmentally minded in their businesses and operations.

“I want it to be a business model that other corporations want to copy,” Anselm says.

EcoLogic Solutions is extremely considerate when it comes to its operations and partnerships. “We would rather have minority investors and board members,” says Anselm.  He notes that EcoLogic Solutions has partnered with Native American chiefs from the Iroquois nation, for example. The company has a female director, and maintains supportive relationships with other environmentally friendly businesses such as Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company.

Even the company’s physical headquarters mirrors its mission of true sustainability. There are a thousand plants inside the office. Furniture is made of salvaged materials. The tables are repurposed doors. Window shades are made of recycled aluminum and reflect heat back outside so less air conditioning is needed on a hot day.

“We walk the talk,” says Anselm. “We lead by example.”

A Greenfield Approach

Along with its products, EcoLogic Solutions has created a technology that “has people scratching their heads,” Anselm says. Their Electrical Chemical Activation or ECA is a device that uses just purified salt, tap water, and electricity to create a non-toxic sanitizer and a mild detergent.

Customers can use the ECA to generate their own disinfectants and detergent, allowing discontinued use of many hazardous and polluting sanitation products. Simultaneously, ECA consumers will reduce expenses of future sanitizers and detergents.

“We will continue new, innovative thinking,” Anselm says. “I prefer innovation. It keeps things interesting.”

Anselm predicts continued growth for EcoLogic Solutions as “going green” continues to be a trend, and since there has been an increasing number of corporate and state mandates encouraging the purchase and usage of environmentally friendly products.

“People are still trying to figure out how to go green,” says Anselm. “Well, everybody cleans. Every business uses a cleaning product.”

EcoLogic Solutions has been successful with its business pitch, promising customers environmentally friendly sanitation that works well and is less expensive than many other harmful products. “We’re educators,” Anselm says. “We inform our prospects what is possible.”

The company has also gained significant business through referrals.

It started with Anselm solely running the show, and now EcoLogic Solutions has 30 employees. In the next five years, he hopes the company’s products and technology will be used throughout the country and aims to expand worldwide.